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About Me

Hi - my name is Ton Meeuwissen and I live with my wife and two kids in the Netherlands in Europe. on the right you see a picture of our family two years ago when Norma and I were married for 25 years.

My passion is to teach individuals, teams and organisations to become more effective. I have trained thousands of people in applying effective thinking strategies for their businesses or their personal lives.

I graduated as a chemical researcher and started my career in 1986 in the polymer (plastics) research. I switched from research to IT project management in 1996 and from that time onward I specialised myself in Information Management.

In 1995 I discovered visual thinking technques like mind mapping and I started to apply these in my own business and in my daily life. I became so enthousiastic that I started my own company alongside my day job in 2004. Since then I have trained trousands of people to use creative thinking techniques and to become more effective as individual or as a team.

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Background story

Internet (Online) Marketing

I wanted to have a residual income so I started with Internet Marketing in 2012 and the ride was like a real rollercoaster. I started out with some success in affliate marketing but soon I fell prey to what we tend to refer to as "the next shiny object syndrome" - I started byuing all kinds of courses and products and never got anywhere. I only spended a lot of money and even more of my very precious time. It was like an addiction.

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Greetings from the Netherlands and hope CU soon :)

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The good thing is that I learned a lot. You might say that looking at pure knowledge of how it all works - I am a guru - BUT I didn't make any money and there was only one person to blame - and that's me. 

I learned the hard way that in Online Marketing there are two things that are more important than anything else:



It all started to change for the better when I met my coach Dean Holland. Dean is the real deal. There are a lot of so called GURU's out there but they only want your money. One of the reasons I was not succesful as an Online Marketer was because of the marketplace itself. It is full of crap and the so called "internet lifestyle". I was trying to earn money in an ethical way and that was difficult because there were so few ethical marketers out there. Dean is an ethical marketer who is honest and who really wants you to succeed.

My goals are not to become rich but to earn a sustainable income online that is enough to provide for my family and to give us more freedom to spent more time on things that really matter. At the moment I still have my day job as an Information Manager but it is my goal to quit that job within a year from now. Following Dean's advice and using his strategies and salesfunnels will surely help me reach that goal. 

That is also why I started YourOnlineBusinessBuddy.com. I have a lot to offer and I also help my own clients to succeed online and I want to share this with you. I want to be your Online Business Buddy not your GURU. I want to travel the road toghether and learn from each other. So if you can relate to this story I invite you to follow me and to contact me. Stop being a learner - become an earner :)

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