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Strategies that really Work​​​​​​​

You have to Act with urgency at all times.


Ton Meeuwissen

Hey there



Here is another episode of the VLOG of my mentor Dean Holland. Enjoy.



Keypoints from this VLOG

  • Dean is reflecting on his Mastermind classes with Russel Brunson and shares a story
  • In order to succeed in your business and your life you have to act with URGENCY every day
  • Tomorrow is not guaranteed
  • Don't postpone untill tomorrow what you have to do today

With this in mind it is vital to have a list of tasks you have to do. Split it up into

  • Monthly tasks
  • Weekly tasks
  • Daily tasks

I will come back on these lists in a later blog.


For now. Enjoy the ride and let me know what you think about this subject and how you handle this.


Greetings from the Netherlands

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