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Simple Strategy When You Feel Overwhelmed or Lost


Ton Meeuwissen

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Here is another VLOG of my mentor Dean Holland. He describes just how we often times feel. 

Enjoy this video and be sure to read my take aways from this VLOG.





Dean is talking about a simple technique when you feel overwhelmed or Lost.


  • Simple strategy - back to pen and paper (computer is also possible)
  • Divide paper into two parts
  • Left hand side  - Everything 
    • Braindump at this side
    • Write everything down - business and personal
    • Empty your brain
    • You should already sense a feeling of relief
  • Right hand side - What matters NOW
    • Decide which are the most important things that make the biggest possible impact in your business and your life ?
    • Just focus on the MOST IMPOTRANT things NOW
    • Be really strict with yourself
  • Fold your paper and look only at the What Matters Now side and focus untill all these points are finished!

This should really help you to focus on the MOST IMPORTANT things.


I have trained people for the last fifteen years to become more effective and I totally agree with this simple but extremely effective strategy. Sometimes it is much better to go back to your paper and pencil and simply write things down. If you use this strategy you will progress faster.


Hope you enjoyed this and I am really exited to hear how you deal with focussing on what matters now...


Love to hear from you

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