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Overcome procrastination and accomplish anything


Ton Meeuwissen

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Here is another VLOG of my mentor Dean Holland. He describes how we can stop procrastinating and accomplish things in our lives and businesses.

Enjoy this video and be sure to read my take aways from this VLOG.




Dean is talking about how to accomplish anything in our life.


  • We think that change takes a lng time
  • Actually it is making the decision to change that takes a long time
  • Change happens in an instant
  • It is a mindset thing


Solution to this

Realise that what prevents you from taking the actions you need to take you have associated more pain than pleasure 

  • Example -  You want to go to the gym more frequently - but thinking about that aargh.. let;s do it tomorrow - and you put it off.
  • Monday syndrome - let's start on Monday, aargh it is Tuesday, O no it's Wednesday - let's start next Monday :)
  • You need to associate more pleasure to the outcome or the change

If I go to the gym more frequently I am in much better shape, feeling better

If I start eating more healthy food I wil feel much better and less drowsy, more alert

  • Stop procratinating in you business or life and start thinkng about the possitive outcome of the effort you have to put in.


Hope you enjoyed this and I am really exited to hear how you deal with procrastination yourself...


Love to hear from you

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