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Controversy creates Cash

17/10/2017 15:39:45

Ton Meeuwissen

Hey There


This new VLOG of Dean Holland is about controversy and how that leads to engagement. You can use this in your business.

Enjoy this video and be sure to read my take aways from this VLOG.





The main take-away from this video is


Controversy creates Conversation. Conversation creates Attention. Ultimately it creates cash.


If you have a lot of conversation and attention on your posts or products than you can create cash from this.

Personally I don't like to use controversy for my business but if you can leverage it in the right way it is one of the fastest way to grow your list of subscribers or fans.


There is a lot of software on the market and there are a lot of traffic strategies that are based on this principle.


Hope you enjoyed this and I am really exited to hear how you create cash in your business.

Love to hear from you

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