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Strategies that really Work​​​​​​​

A Real Danger To Your Online Business.


Ton Meeuwissen

Hey there


Here is another episode of the VLOG of my mentor Dean Holland. Enjoy.

The title is 

This Could Be Really Dangerous To Your Online Business.


Be sure to watch this one. It is a real gem :)




Keypoints from this VLOG

  • Don't follow the herd blindly
  • Just because something is working for someone else does not mean it is going to work for YOU
  • Just because something is NOT working for someone else does not mean it is NOT going to wrok for YOU
  • The only way you will know that something works or doesn't work is TEST it, TRACK it and ANALYSE the data Yourself

For now. Enjoy the ride and let me know what you think about this subject and how you handle this.


Greetings from the Netherlands

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